ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote in sex_and_violets,
ZERO :: the Fool

[ constructive criticism ]

Post here with anything you would like to tell me about my portrayals of the following characters:

     ♦ Keith Anyan ♦ Toward the Terra ♦ prodigitalson
     ♦ Vriska Serket ♦ MS Paint Adventures (Homestuck) ♦ arachnopho8ia
     ♦ Zevran Arainai ♦ Dragon Age: Origins ♦ niceassassin
     ♦ Elim Garak ♦ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ♦ seamslegit

     ♦ Fenris ♦ Dragon Age II ♦ freewolfmoon

     ♦ Fenris ♦ Dragon Age II ♦ freewolfmoon

More to come.

Anonymous commenting is on. IP logging is off.

Feel free to criticize if that's what you're here for, but if something's bothering or confusing you, I'll also try to answer questions.

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